The Best Tanning Procedure to Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be very painful to handle and deal with. Especially when you are opting for tanning. As tanning is a process that involves the whole body, you need to be extra cautious about it. Tanning is a great way to glamorize and beautify your skin. If you have sensitive skin and you want it to look all bronzed up,let’s give you some special tips. These will help you in getting the perfect tan without disturbing your skin. The tanning process to get your skin tanned in the most safest way is elaborated in the following paragraphs.

Best Tanning Procedure to Soothe Sensitive Skin

Requirements of sensitive skin

First of all, let’s just quickly go through the requirements of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs some special considerations which I’ll point out here. They are as follows:

  • Use of gentle products that do not irritate your skin
  • Use of soothing and relaxing ingredients that relieve the irritation and inflammation
  • Keeping the sensitive skin well moisturized to help heal the sensitized spots
  • Avoiding solar exposure as much as possible
  • Eating a healthy diet to help your sensitive skin repair

A guide for getting your sensitive skin tanned

During tanning, you have to keep all the points mentioned above in your mind. The following steps will help you achieve your tanning goals effectively.

Firstly, check out the ingredients of the tanning products when you are buying them. Do not purchase a self tanner that contains any sulphur compound in it because it will be corrosive and irritant on your skin.

When you start tanning, you must know that you have sensitive skin and you cannot go outside in direct sun. Otherwise your skin will start getting inflamed. For this purpose, you have to choose a tanning bed lotion for sensitive skin which is best to be used indoors. It will give the best tanned results without causing any type of discomfort.

After that, make sure your skin is well moisturized and hydrated. Your self tanner should also be rich in fluid content rather than a thick paste. This will keep your skin nourished and soft.

Benefits of tanning lotion

Tanning lotions are the most widely used products for sensitive skin. Their popularity is attributed to their amazing properties.

Especially for sensitive skin, they are the most favorable. The tanning lotion gives you the feel of just like an ordinary moisturizing lotion. These not only help in giving you the perfect tan but also help soothe out irritation.

Tanning lotions are very beneficial for skin that is prone to get inflamed, a condition known as eczema. A lot of people experience this in the form of the appearance of red spots. For such a skin condition, a tanning lotion for eczema can do wonders. It will help you give the perfect type of bronzed look without worsening the eczema.

Tanning lotion also helps in making your tan darker and more vibrant. It also stays attractive for longer without fading out.

How to make the tanning process more effective

The tanning process can be made effective by following some simple tips:

  1. Make sure your skin is completely clean and no product is applied on it when you are going for self tan. In this way the products get absorbed in the skin faster.
  2. Do not shower right after getting tanned otherwise your tan will fade away.
  3. Do not go out in direct sun to protect your tan for a long time.


Any skin procedure on sensitive skin can be harmful if not done properly. Tanning particularly, has to be done with great care. As it involves the whole body, it needs to be given special attention. Our information regarding the tanning process on sensitive skin will be helpful for you when you go for it the next time.