How to Get the Best French Manicure Using SNS Dip Powder

SNS is amongst the first brands to introduce dip powder manicures in the cosmetic industry. Since then, the manicure has gained popularity and is today one of the most cherished nail manicures favored by women globally. The most exciting aspect of the SNS dip powder manicure is its versatility. Various types of manicures are possible using the SNS nail kit. Let us see how to get the best French manicure with SNS powder colors.

How to Apply SNS French Manicure Dip Powder

How to Apply SNS French Manicure Dip Powder

We will not discuss nail prepping because it is the same for all manicures. But, we request you note that prepping your nails is essential for your SNS French manicure dip powder. So, once you have prepped your nails, you can start with the French manicure.

Base coat application

We suggest you work on one hand and then try the other. Start by applying a thin layer of SNS Dip Basecoat from the nail kit. Please apply it to ¾ portion of the nail and dip it immediately inside the Foundation powder with the finger slanted at 45 degrees. Remove the finger and tap it lightly on the bottle opening, allowing the extra powder to fall into the bottle. Repeat the procedure with all five fingers. You can use the dusting brush from the nail kit to remove the residual powder sticking to your fingertips.

Repeat the process detailed above for the second time. But apply the dip basecoat up to your cuticles now.

Prepare the manicure mold

Fill half the French manicure mold with the Classic white powder and prepare it for the manicure.

Have another layer of dip base coat but keep it to around 2mm away from the cuticle.

Dip your nail in the French manicure mold containing the Classic White Powder to create a beautiful smile line.

Dip your nail entirely in the Soft Pink Powder and tap the nail against the bottle edge to dust off residual powder. You can also use the dip powder brush to remove leftover dip powder nail colors around the nail. Continue with the same process on the other four fingers.

Second layer of dip base coat

Apply another layer of the dip base coat on your nails but maintain the 2mm distance from the cuticle.

Dip your fingernail tip into the French manicure mold filled with Classic white powder. It creates the smile line. Next, dip your nails in the soft pink powder and tap the finger to remove the residual powder sticking to your nail. Repeat the process on your other nails.

Dip activator procedure

Apply the dip activator to your entire nail and wait for some time. The activator penetrates the dip powder layer and activates the hardening process. Wipe the brush using a clean paper towel before placing it back into the dip activator bottle. It prevents the colors from your nail from contaminating the activator contents.

The dip activator takes around four to five minutes to dry perfectly. Then, you can tap the dry brush on your fingernail. The nail is dry if you hear a clear clicking sound. Please note to dry your nails completely before proceeding further. Repeat the procedure on the other nails and ensure they are dry.

You can use the nail buff carefully to remove any bumps on the nail surface. It smooths out the nail into an even more beautiful surface. The nail file proves helpful in getting a clean outer border. Your nail surface might be clouded with dust. Use a clean dusting brush to remove the debris.

You can rinse your hands with water, but we caution you against using soap. Dry your nails thoroughly.

The next procedure is to apply another dip activator coat on the nail and wait three to four minutes, enabling the nail to dry. Please wipe the activator brush carefully using a lint-free paper towel before placing it inside the bottle.

Dip top coat procedure

Apply the dip topcoat on the entire nail in a thin layer. Please ensure to seal the nail edges as the edges can lift and damage the manicure. The topcoat should dry quickly. But, we advise you to wait for three minutes allowing the topcoat application to dry entirely.

Have a second application of the topcoat to lend shine to your nails. Please allow it to become dry before you finish the manicure. Then, repeat the procedure on the remaining nails.

Apply the Signature Serum to your cuticles and massage them carefully. It protects the cuticles from damage.

Now, you can follow a similar procedure for the other hand to get the best French manicure using SNS powder colors.


Having a French manicure using SNS dip powder is an easy job. You can become a master at the procedure with practice. The French dip powder manicure is one of the best manicures to beautify your nails and take them to the next level.