How to Stay Young and Attractive for Longer

Who would say no to an easy and short cut remedy to all aging problems. Looking bright, youthful and attractive for the lifetime is everyone’s dream. I have seen people doing lengthy skin care routines daily to prevent aging. Skin care procedures are helpful no doubt, but they take a lot of time to show their results. A night cream or an eye cream may take months to act efficiently and show results. No one has time to wait for such long time periods. An easy and quick way to get rid of stubborn and prominent aging signs is to apply makeup to hide wrinkles. For all those people who don’t know which makeup is the best for aging skin, here is a simple guide about how to stay youthful and attractive for longer without applying skin care products and having to wait for months to see their results.

How to Stay Young and Attractive for Longer

Makeup for aging skin you must try

Here is a list of makeup products that can be helpful to you if you are observing signs of aging appearing on your face. These products will not only hide the fine lines and wrinkles but will also pinpoint the causes of premature aging, treating them from roots.


A wisely chosen makeup primer can be a blessing for you. If you have wrinkles appearing due to excessive production of oil and sebum, or your acne breakouts are making the aging condition worse, look out for the best primer for oily acne prone skin. It will not only put a lock on the overproduction of oil, which will eventually control your pimple breakouts but, it will also improve the texture of your skin, making it smoother and healthier. Your face will be perfectly ready for applying makeup and no bumps or creases would be seen on your face.


A foundation is a great way to even out your skin tone and make it wrinkle free. Using a good foundation with a buildable coverage is perfect for all skin types. Apply it generously all over the face particularly the areas where fine lines have appeared and then blend it with a soft beauty blender. Let it get absorbed into the skin and penetrate into the wrinkles and creases. After that you can apply a face powder to lock and set the foundation in place and there you go, all the aging signs are hidden perfectly within a few minutes.


Appearance of dark spots and under eye bags are common in aging skin. I have seen people who developed dark and prominent circles under their eyes. For addressing this issue, using a concealer could be perfect. It will hide all the dark spots around the eyes and make it look even and synchronized with the tone of the rest of the face. The appearance of creases and wrinkles on the eyelids can also be covered and camouflaged this way.

BB cream:

BB cream with the additional benefit of SPF protection is extremely helpful in not only making your skin tone even but also preventing further damage of the cells. The sunscreen factor is important to keep it protected from aging caused by radiation exposure. Using it daily could be quite beneficial and people of any age group can use it without any hesitation.

Makeup fixing spray:

A fixing spray is ideal in not only sealing all your makeup in place but also helps in defining your overall look. Any leftover fine line that wasn’t covered by foundation or concealer can be filled in with a fixing spray. Just one or two puffs of the product are enough to finish your overall look.

I hope you’ll get benefits from our recommended products and your worries about how to look young and attractive would be solved now.