How to Use DND DC Nail Polish Most Effectively?

Nail care and manicure is no longer a strange phrase for most women today. Along with the development of society is the rise of beauty technology, including nail industry. Today, women are not only interested in makeup cosmetics, skin care products, functional foods but also very interested in nail polishes to beautify their nails more shiny, healthy and more attractive. Today, let’s find out DND DC nail polish.

DND is the top 5 largest nail polish brands in the US. It is proud to be 100% made in the US, so it is safe for nails and consumer health, DND DC colors products do not contain harmful ingredients that affect real nails, friendly to everyone. Among them, the highlight is the DND DC gel polish and matching nail duo set product line. Includes a bottle of gel polish and one bottle of regular nail polish. The gel nail polish bottle of DND DC colors has the largest size, it contains 18ml, equivalent to about 55 sets of nails. The bottle is plated with luxurious and eye-catching 18k gold. DND DC colors is very easy to use and apply, does not shrink. Besides that, it can last up to 21 days and the result you get is an extremely bright paint color and high gloss. Nail sets with DND DC nail polish are removed easily when soaked in acetone for 10-15 minutes.

DND DC Nail Polish

Gel nail polish since its appearance has never shown any signs of cooling down because of the variety of colors and durable, beautiful and glossy paints that are very popular with girls. Let’s refer to the ecstatic gel polish palette from DND DC colors – one of the leading nail polish manufacturers and suppliers in the US to find out the “wish list” of nail gel polish colors of you guys.

As you can see, this is a good example of the DND DC nail polish palette. In addition, DND DC colors has many other colors and lots of shades, you can freely choose the colors you want. But with this example, you must have seen the brightness and shine of DND DC nail polish.

The biggest advantage of this nail gel polish is that it has high color fastness, no preservatives, so the nails will not be yellowed. In addition, there is a small amount of paint in the composition to help the nails stay healthy and strong. DND DC gel nail polish has environmentally friendly ingredients, the nail gel polish smell is very light and almost no smell, suitable for those who are uncomfortable with the smell of nail polish. The durability of DND DC colors are very good, they can be kept for 21 days even up to 30 days. You can comfortably work, do housework, … without fear of breaking nails or peeling paint.

How to Use DND DC Nail Polish Effectively?

Instructions for using DND DC regular nail polish

Step 1: Clean the nail surface (cutting, filing, buffering, cleaning with alcoho)

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of primer (gel Base coat).

Step 3: Paint 2 or 3 layers of color depending on the light color (3 layers) or dark (2 layers). Color must be shaken well before applying.

Step 4: Apply 1 layer of gloss (gel Top coat). Apply gel top coat only when the layer of nail polish color is dry (about 5 minutes after applying).

NOTE: This paint may take a few minutes to dry on its own or using a fan to dry will help it dry faster. No need to use LED / UV light to dry. It is easy to clean with acetone.

Instructions for using DND DC gel polish color

Step 1: Clean the nail surface (cutting, filing, buffering, cleaning with alcoho).

Wipe again with soft paper for the last time to make sure that the nail is really dry, if the nail is still wet, it is easy to shrink when applying base gel.

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of primer (Base gel). Try to apply a thin layer, try to apply enough paint on the top, sides and tip of the nail. Use Led/UV nail lamp to dry nails with gel colors, it will take about 60s if using LED lamp, 120s if using UV lamp. After applying the gel base layer, you can apply the color layer. Note that you can roll the base bottle before painting, but absolutely do not shake it because it will create air bubbles inside.

Step 3: Apply 2 or 3 layers of color depending on the light color (3 layers) or dark (2 layers). Color must be shaken well before applying. Each layer of gel color must be cured under LED 60s or 120s UV lamps to ensure that the gel color is completely dry and creates high technical durability.

Step 4: Apply 1 coat of gloss (Top gel). Heat in LED / UV 60s-120s to dry the nail, if it is still sticky, it can be wiped with Alcoho.

NOTE: This paint is gel polish, so do not use a fan to dry, they only dry under LED or UV lamp, they cannot dry by themselves. In addition, the gel polish has very high durability and adhesion. Therefore, when you want to remove it, you have to soak your hands in acetone and then perform the “break the gel”.

To remove the gel nails as well as perform the “break the gel” process is a bit complicated, but it will not affect the natural nails if you or the nail technicians do it correctly, with DND DC nail polish, this process will happen quite quickly because it is an easy to soak off product.


We have introduced to everyone the quality and advantages of DND DC colors. With a variety of colors, good quality and reasonable prices, DND DC nail polish is definitely a product worth experiencing, you can refer to it to choose for yourself a few satisfactory colors and don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions about these products.