OPI Gel Polish Shades That Brides Should Look to Have

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Hence, one should look at the best, with new clothes, appropriate makeup, and the perfect nail manicure. Your fingernails can convey a lot about you and your tastes. If you have carefully manicured nails, you can make a lasting impression on your loved one. An excellent OPI gel polish manicure can go a tremendously long way in making you look attractive and feel confident on the most important day in your life. Let us look at some beautiful OPI gel shades that all brides should try out on their wedding day.

Best OPI Gel Polish Shades for Wedding

Best OPI Gel Polish Shades for Wedding

The OPI Fiji Collection

Fiji is renowned for its sun-kissed beaches. While it would not be possible for every bride to go to Fiji at a destination wedding, they can bring Fiji into their wedding ceremony by choosing their favorite color shades from OPI Fiji Collection. The OPI Fiji Collection comprises twelve mesmerizing color shades ranging from the rich ocean blues to the exotic reds. Each color in the Fiji Collection defines your personality and makes you look more attractive and enchanting on your wedding night.

The OPI Pinks

Pink is the best color to have on your wedding day because it brings out the child-like innocent personality and adds to your gracefulness. OPI offers an excellent range of pink colors to choose from. The Samoan Sand, Tickle My France-y, and Bubble Bath shades are the perfect ones to have as they do not make you look over the top. These pink shades gel beautifully with your wedding gowns and make you look like the princess you are.

The Nude Shades Give a Redefining Look

If you are confused about which OPI gel polish shade to apply on your nails, you can blindly go with the nude tones. The exciting part of the nude shades is that they match every outfit. Besides, your wedding-day whites look resplendent when you have nude whites on your nails. You can have your favorite nail designs over these nude nails or even leave them as it is. They look beautiful either way.

Three Classic Shades to Compliment Your Looks

The fascinating aspect of OPI gel is that they are available in an exotic range of color options. Each OPI gel color is a classic by itself. If you wish to have an instant gloss to your nails, the Pearl of Wisdom is the right option. Simultaneously, you can try out Beyond The Pale Pink, which will complement the diamond ring you wear on your ring finger on your wedding night. However, the Dutch Tulips red shade should suit your personality if you like to reveal the bold side of your personality.

Now that we have discussed some beautiful OPI gel polish options, allow us to share some tips that could be helpful to you on your wedding night. Though your wedding day is exceptional, you should not take out the fun factor from the occasion. At the same time, your manicure should be perfect on that day.

It is advisable to have your gel manicure a day or two before your wedding day. It has its advantages. You get a fair idea of how you would look on your wedding day. Besides, it gives you sufficient time to change the color if it does not suit your tastes.

Your gel polish manicure should suit your wedding attire perfectly. No one wears dark colors for a wedding. As your dress would be white, choosing the right color option should not be a problem. OPI offers an exotic range of gel nail color polishes to suit your white wedding gown.

If you love to wear flowers, it is excellent. However, your flower choice should match your nail polish.

Finally, you should not ignore your bridesmaids because they play a critical role in your wedding. For example, it would be excellent if your bridesmaids get an identical dress and matching gel manicures on their nails. Your bridesmaids are also the center of attraction on your wedding day, along with you. Hence, it makes sense to get them dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Though many people suggest taking an unconventional route and opting for darker colors like maroon, chocolate brown, etc., it is not advisable. One should stick to the colors that they are familiar with. Your wedding day look is not something that you can experiment with. You need to be at your most enchanting best all the time. Hence, it is better to go for the best nail polish brands like OPI.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed excellent color choices that brides should try out for their wedding day look. Each of these colors adds to your glamor quotient and makes you look exotic on the most important day of your life.