OPI Prohealth Technology Base Coat and Top Coat

Gel polishes are not uncommon among manicure lovers. Those who rock in gel manicures know that their removal process can make you lose hope of ever wearing a gel mani again. You have got to wait longer than usual and, sometimes, the nails staunchness may be jeopardized; hence, the reluctance of some people to try gel manicures. Nail damage and annoyance have been part of gel manicure realities that every manicure lover has to accept. However, it is not time to give up or quit yet because OPI has got all your problems solved through its new gel polish line. The OPI ProHealth Technology Base Coat and Top Coat is unlike any other OPI gel nail polish or any polish that you have ever seen. The new product offers protection to your nails against the damages caused by gel polishes. It also makes the removal process dramatically easy.

Perhaps you have a monumental love for a manicure but this does not have to make you sacrifice the health of your nails. The new OPI ProHealth System is made up of a base and top coat components to ensure that you have everything you need for an excellent manicure. The next time you are looking for your usual OPI gel color and nail lacquer, you need to look out for the OPI ProHealth system kit because apart from protecting your nails, it provides the unique gel mani shine that you have been looking for.

Application Process

The ProHealth System is not very different when it comes to its application. You apply it the same way you use the regular OPI gel nail colors. First, a thin base coat layer is applied to the nail to provide them with the protection they need to retain oils and moisture during the whole application process. The base coat must also be cured for at least 30 seconds before proceeding to apply the gel color. This gives you over 140 color options to choose from. Furthermore, your favorite color or any gel color formula of your choice pairs perfectly with the new system.

Every color layer that is applied must also be treated before applying another one. Only 2 color layers are required to achieve a perfect and chic manicure. Proceed to apply a thin topcoat layer of the ProHealth System. The layer seals and protects the nails from water and mechanical injuries while holding the color layers in place. For not less than two weeks, you will be rocking with your new gel manicure and your friends will be surprised. The product has been extensively studied, tested, and approved as healthy and strong enough to last for up to two weeks. ProHealth System is designed for salon treatments thus if you do not find it in the market thus if you are unable to get it in your nearby store, try popping in any of the nearby licensed salons and ask for a ProHealth System gel manicure to experience the magic.

Removal Process

Things get better in the removal process of the ProHealth System. Many manicure lovers are aware of the pain that a gel manicure removal process elicits. It is also the point where the nails may become extensively damaged hence jeopardizing the health of the part that you are so much trying to protect. The nails have to be soaked in the gel remover for a long time and this might not even be enough to get rid of all the polish. The remaining tough layers have to be scrapped off with the hope that the nails will not be damaged in the process.

However, the introduction of ProHealth was meant to end the suffering by cutting down the removal time to seven minutes. It implies that the nails will only be wrapped in the remover or soaked for only seven minutes and the polish will be easy to wipe off. Scrapping is not necessary and there are no residues left thus preventing the post-removal nail damage. You can get this gel manicure whenever you want to test the so-called benefits. Those who have had an opportunity to use the ProHealth System confess that this is one of the best systems that every gel polish lover should consider because it has revolutionized gel manicure by getting rid of the problems that gel lovers had been facing.


Perhaps you considered gels to have more advantages than drawbacks and that is why you never gave up despite the numerous problems you face when applying and removing it. But why do you have to withstand all this mess when there is an equivalent of your best gel manicure that you can enjoy without facing all these complications? Well, OPI ProHealth Technology Base Coat and Top Coat should be on your list of favorites. The new system reduces the removal time to just 7 minutes and prevents the typical gel removal nail damages. Furthermore, it gives you a unique and chic shine and lasts for up to 2 weeks.