• The Best LED/UV Nail Lamps of 2019

    To begin with, the table below will summarize some of the things that you can expect from the products that will be reviewed below. The first two products are combination LED/UV lights, followed by two LED nail lamps, and two UV nail lamps.

    Best Nail Lamp

    MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp

    Equipped with a double light source technology, this will let you enjoy the best of both worlds in a single product. It has UV and LED nail lamp lights that are guaranteed to dry your nails safely. It will not cause any harm to your skin or eyes.

  • Nail Care Tips for You

    Caring for nails should be one of your essential routines on a daily basis. Sometimes people think that they should only care when their nails start showing degeneration, some take care of them when they have to attend a party or sometimes they are totally ignored because of the small existence. But the fact is that people who care for their nails on a regular basis get perfect shiny nails that are safe from environmental hazards and the adverse effects or the cosmetics that are being used on them.

    Nail Care

    In addition to that proper and continuous care assure healthier nails throughout the year no matter if there are extreme weather conditions, your nails would not get brittle or damaged when they are cared regularly.

    Talking about nails, nail care is essential, and throughout the year whether you have to face extreme weather, continuous exposure to external factors and damaging agents, you need to take regular care of your nails in different ways.

    Here we’ll be discussing some the best routines you may follow to give your nails the health and strength they deserve.

    The healthy food and drinks habit

    The first and most important nail care habit you may need to follow up is the intake of healthy and fresh food items, avoiding junk foods as much as possible and intake of healthy drinks instead of soft drinks and alcohol. Foods other than fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and oils are harmful in many different ways.

    Whereas when you start increasing your fresh food intake the overall nail, hair and skin health improves. Fresh fruits and veggies increase the mineral and calcium content especially the greens, which are best to promote nail health in all seasons.

    Regular but not too frequent manicure

    Make sure you get your nails manicured after some time when necessary. Manicure means cleaning, filing and taking care of your nails so that they stay in good shape and maintain proper health. It involves cuticle treatment, filing, buffing and reshaping and coating with essential nail coat for protection against damaging factors from the outside.

    Such a routine assure healthy and strong nails with no ridges and brittleness and keep them strong and shiny for weeks.

    Wearing high-quality nail polish and using harmless nail care products

    Today, there are numerous nail care products and nail polishes that are available to use. You may only select that promote nail health care. It is better to use gel nail polish, OPI gel base and top coat nail polish and curing essential so that the nails can be maintained without damage. Using damage resistant nail polish remover and oil assure longer lasting shine and make nails stronger and better.

  • Nail Polish for Fall

    Looking for the nail polish for the fall season? Most people love trying unique colors that are chic, stylish, attractive yet sober colors in the fall season. Even if you are looking to get some chic color on your nails, there are many nail polish shades that are available in darker yet prettiest tones that you’ll love to have them on your nails.

    This fall you can give a new look onto your nails with the help of the various out-of-the-box shades that are not in use mostly.

    But they cannot be considered as rare because they are worn on special occasion giving a special look creating a better mood even in this low season as well.

    Some of the most popular, chic as well as sober nail polish colors for the fall season are listed below, so that you may try that suits you the perfect way.

    Try metal gold and silver

    Just like the way black and the white nail polish shades work perfectly with a range of outfit and for a lot and lots of different occasions and seasons, metallic gold and silver nail polishes are in for the best looks in the fall season. Gold and silver nail polishes is available on SNS nails can be applied in combination with other nail polish in the form of nail art and 2-3 color combinations. These give a bold and classy look on the nails making them look more solid ye lively than ever before.