Frequently Asked Questions about Gel Polish Manicures

2020 has changed the way people go about life. The pandemic crisis, the lockdown restrictions, and the economic downturn has thrown everything upside down. It has affected everyone. For example, women used to frequent nail salons for their manicures before 2020. The closure of nail salons and the uncertainty of reopening soon have forced people to try out the manicures at home. Hence, there are bound to be doubts in the minds of people. This simple FAQ-type blog clears such doubts and makes it easy for you to master the nail manicure technique.

Where do I order my nail polish from?

When you visited the nail salon, you did not have to worry about purchasing nail supplies. The salon used to buy DND gel polish bulk. Now, you might not need the DND nail supply in bulk quantities. Hence, you can order your supplies from us. We arrange to dispatch the polish to your homes.

Is there any chance of gel polish weakening or damaging my nails?

One should remember that gel polish contains chemicals, organic and inorganic. The application of chemicals can permanently affect your natural nails/skin. Following the proper procedure for applying and removing the gel polish should not weaken your nails in any way. Gel polish is a sturdy application layer that prevents your nails from breaking. One should not chisel or peel off the nail polish using nail files. It can do more damage. The ideal way to remove gel polish is to use nail polish remover, a critical component when you order DND nail supply. Buffing the nails frequently can also damage them.

Why do I experience lifting or peeling of the nail polish layer?

The primary reason for lifting or peeling the nail polish layer is inadequate nail preparation. The nails should be completely dry before you attempt a gel polish job. Hence, you should avoid nail manicures immediately after taking a bath or washing your hands. The best solution to sanitize your nails is to use an alcohol-based cleaner and remove your nails’ oils. These cleaners come with the package when you order DND gel polish bulk. It is also not proper to apply oils or lotions to your nails before a gel polish manicure. You can keep them for use after your gel polish job is complete.

Gel polish is perfect for healthy nails; If you have weak nails that tend to peel off regularly, gel polish layers will also peel off with it.

Using the wrong basecoat application can also cause peeling or lifting of the nail polish layer. Hence, it is advisable to purchase a genuine nail supplies kit to get quality materials.

Why does the gel polish layer shrink on my nails?

Improper preparation of your nail plate is one reason for gel polish shrinking when you apply it to your nails. Secondly, you should shake the gel polish bottle well and ensure mixing the ingredients thoroughly. If the components separate, the polish layer can shrink.

One way to ensure that the polish does not shrink is to try out flash curing. This process involves applying the gel polish to a couple of nails and cure it under the UV lamp for a few seconds. It will result in partial curing or flash curing. If the polish stays in place, you can safely apply the polish fully on all your nails.

Why do I experience wrinkling of nail polish during the curing process?

All gel polish is not the same. They consist of different pigments. The polish with high pigment content is thicker and can wrinkle when you cure the polish under the UV lamp. You can avoid wrinkles by applying a thin coating. Alternatively, placing the gel polish bottle in warm water before using it can also make the polish thinner and convenient to apply.

Is it a good idea to use acetone to thin gel polish?

No, acetone is a reputed nail polish removing solution. You get special nail polish thinners when you purchase daisy DND gel polish. Gel polish has a unique chemical formula that cures when exposed to UV light.

Why should I cure my nails under the UV lamp?

Curing is drying or hardening of the gel polish layer. Exposing the gel polish to the sun can also cure the polish layer, but it will take a lot of time. In the meanwhile, dust particles can stick to the wet polish and damage the manicure. Curing the polish layer under a UV lamp is the fastest way to dry the polish and adheres to the nail.


We have discussed various questions that could come to your mind regarding gel polish. This space will deal will more such problems in the days to come. Keep visiting us to know more about nail manicures.