The Proper Way to Remove SNS Nails

If you are a nail one of those nail enthusiasts who would scour for every information available, whether online or elsewhere, you probably would not only have heard about SNS nails. It’s a signature brand of dipping powder that many favors over regular polish for so many reasons.

Once you have tried using this product, you’ll also need to learn the proper way of removing the pigmented covering once it’s time for a fresh manicure or pedicure. Well, removal of SNS, like its application is newbie-friendly. It takes only a few steps before and will not take too much time. You’ll find out exactly how it’s done as you read on.

sns nails

So, what does SNS mean? SNS stands for the brand name Signature Nail System. It’s a revolutionary nail system that requires an application of a brush-on gel base on the nails first before dipping it in a powder (the powder is what gives the nails the color desired). It’s a favored option for an alternative nail polish.

Many nail experts claim that this nail system offers a number of benefits compared to acrylic and other artificial nails. In fact, it does. The SNS nails is a healthier option since the nails become stronger with each application. Lesser breakage means that there a lower risk of developing any fungus or bacteria as each breakage may increase the risk of having cuts or open pores. This also lessens the frequency of exposure to products.

The SNS system leaves a longer-lasting wear that is quite durable you can wear your nails for up to three weeks. This is what makes the SNS system strong: it’s formulation. It contains organically processed chemicals like Acrylic Ester Polymer, Titanium Dioxide, as well as Benzoyl Peroxide. The manufacturer also claims that the formulation is free of harmful chemicals that may weaken the nails. Instead, each SNS dipping powder is made with packed nutrients best vitamins for nail growth as: vitamin A, E, D, E and B5, and calcium

Even as it is strong, it is also flexible, which contributes to its resiliency to breakage. In addition to these, nails with SNS looks more natural and stunning. The brand provides a full range of Pink and White products, plus more than 350 Gelous Colors.

Another good thing about the SNS system is that it has lesser potential in staining the nails when a bright colored powder is applied, unlike a regular polish manicure does. This is due to the fact that there a base coat used applied on the nails before it is dipped in the pigmented powder. In essence, the base coat creates a barrier and decreases the chances of staining the nails.

Applying the SNS nail system also takes only a few minutes. It will take at most half an hour at the salon, or a bit more if you are doing it yourself, which is more practical. Once you get used to the application process you’ll be able to apply the products faster.

Unlike other gel products, the SNS Nail system does not need curing to dry. It takes little to no drying time.

So much for the basics about SNS. How do you remove SNS nails properly?

Removing SNS nails can be done with or without acetone. To remove the product from the nail with acetone (the more popular method of removing SNS nails). This is the same technique used to remove other gel and acrylic nails. This reduces the risk of damaging your natural nails using this method, follow the instructions provided below.

Removing SNS Nails with acetone

You will need the following for this purpose:


Cotton balls

Aluminum Foil

Nail Files/Nail buffer

Step 1: File down the top layer of the nail. Make steady but gentle movements when using the nail file and make sure that you won’t file deeper than the first layer of the polish. This breaks the seal on the polish, which makes it easier to thin and, later, remove the polish from the nails.

Step 2: Prepare 10 small squares of aluminum foil. Cut the foil into squares that are large enough to fit around your fingers.

Step 3: Soak cotton balls in acetone and place it on each nail before wrapping securely with a piece of aluminum. Let it soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6: Once the polish has thinned on your nails, you can carefully remove as much product on your nails as you apply pressure on the cotton ball. If there are stubborn spots, just use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove the product from the nails. Don’t forcibly remove the polish on your nails as this might just damage your nails.

Removing SNS Nails without Acetone

You can also remove SNS nails with regular nail polish remover since it contains acetone, just not in the pure form.

This is also a healthier option as there are other compounds, oils, and fragrances that may also be present in a nail polish remover that is not 100% acetone. These ingredients are added to the product to help the nails from drying out. If you opt for this method, just follow the same procedure as if you are using acetone to remove the DND DC polish. As a polish remover contains a smaller amount of acetone, it will take longer to remove the products from your nails.

Once you are done removing all of the polish from your nails, make sure that you clean and sanitize all the nail tools that you used with alcohol to ensure that there are no bacteria and other microorganisms that will develop on your tools.

Creating stunning nails with the best nail dipping system – SNS nails is possible. It takes only a short time before you can have the nails that you would like to flaunt and wear as long as the nails would allow you to. You will not be disappointed with the result. Wear your nails for up to three weeks without the fear of your nails chipping or breaking. When it’s time for a fresh mani, you can also do the removal process in no time.